Monday, May 18, 2015


The shortest report in this blogs history. Go. Now.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Skinny Water.

The small stream scene is about ready to pop for real. A variety of small streams and rivers last week  produced. Either nymphing, smallish streamers or dries. Clarity is perfect. Except for those drainages with what's left of the snow pack. Those don't silt up badly and not until around noon. Flows are low due to our scarce rain fall this season. Fire danger is in the red (bad). Hopefully that will change with the upcoming forecast.

Bugs this week were midges (lots), March Browns, Yellow Sallies and caddis. Fairly simple fly selection for the small stream game. We tend to bulk up on our streamer selection now and in the fall for thin blue line forays. Maybe a short sink tip also. The hatch doesn't always happen.

3, 4 and the occasional short, light 5 weight round out the arsenal. Fiberglass or graphite. The Tenkara in the line up depending on the coaches plan.

The best part of the small stream experience right now is the amount of bird life and the explosion of wild flowers. Fishing is just an excuse we use to partake in the daily rebirth. Enjoy it now while it lasts because it won't. Later.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

The Dark Side.

The next two weeks are our nymph weeks. All day, everyday. Maybe a short streamer session to break thing ups. For the most part it's the nymph game. Right angle, shortish leash, Czech style, slider system, sink tip, full sink and naked. Rolling out different styles for variety and productivity.

We like the nymph game. Thinking about and visualizing under the surface activity stretches your skill set ten fold. Reading currents, depths and speeds enables one to see things with new eyes.

Spending time now doing a nymph day is a long term investment. One skill above all others that will allow you to make the most of your days on the water anywhere you travel to for trouty fish. Not rocket science but mysterious for many. We can help break that code and put you on the right track. Bring an open mind and a quick set technique for optimal performance.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Northern Hippy Conditions.

Northern Hippy conditions? Cold, high and dirty. we coined that phrase a few seasons back and we like it. Snow for the last few days north of our location. Run off continues. Cold nights. Zilch for bug sightings. Smelt? Yeah, weak and we ain't saying where. Tough conditions with a side of dismal.

Seeking out the under the radar waters. Nymph rigs all the way. Dirty worm/s with Czech style and lots of shot. How much? Until it happens. Slow side of the seam. The UNSEXY water. Riffles are for stable, warmer water temps. The bucket? Yeah, why not. Slow way down now with everything.

Spey clinics for the next two weeks. Pretty good time to figure out the two handed game and add a another skill set. Fun also. Nymph trips also. Go figure. this maybe the season of the nymph. We've had them before. DFO? You've got a long wait. Knob Creek helps with that issue, or so I've been told.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Report Plus.

We have finally reached somewhat spring conditions. The water temps are in the high thirties to low forties. Low forties is huge at this point. The start of midge hatches (no rising fish mind you). Those mid morning events happen when the sun warms things up a bit and the emergence begins. The rig of choice for us when this occurs is a S.J. and a Mercury Midge. From sunrise till the end.

Right angle rigs and super tapered 9' + leaders and lots of shot. Not touching? Fix it! Light grab now so make sure your indicator is sensitive enough for the subtle take. Hit them hard and fast. Other patterns to consider are stones, cranefly larva and mini buggers. It's all about the depth and speed right now. Dial that in and you will be rewarded for your efforts. As long as you are in the right location. The unsexy water that most folks stand in seems to hold'em lately.

With flows growing daily with volume the shut out seems inevitable. Dirty, high water conditions for awhile, especially the smaller streams which will continue until the snow pack shrinks. Those that come up the fastest drop the fastest. Dry/dropper for the skinny blue line soon!

Finish the pre season stuff and load up the nymph box.

But wait there's more!

We field lots of inquiries at this time of year. Everyone from seasoned anglers, return clients, tire kickers and new anglers looking to start off with some solid skills. For anyone who hasn't spent some time on a trip with us there are a lot of unknowns. For beginners the gear list can be intimidating. We can outfit anyone with everything they need for a half day or a week. Head to toe. Waders and boots from Simms or Patagonia (including kids sizes from Dan Bailey). Rods from Scott, Sage, Patagonia Tenkara and Winston. Reels from Lamson/Waterworks. Lines from Rio. Tippet and leaders from Rio, Umpqua, Tout Hunter or us. Flies, indicators, floatant, etc. Soft wear clothing available either Patagonia or Simms. Everything except your license.

Lunch; Let's just say it's constantly evolving, creative and served out of a Yeti cooler insuring cold liquids and safe food storage.

Lodging recommendations from cush to dirtbag. Restaurant ideas along with the best bar/bartender in the area. Where to go off the beaten non tourist path. Being an independent guide/outfitter we are beholding to no ones (outfitter, shop, lodge, activities director) schedule or agenda. Meaning we get to choose the waters we think will meet expectations and skill levels. We also have the freedom to start and finish when the client and we agree to. Not some time schedule started by someone based inside all day.

Referrals; We hate self promotion with a passion here at Kingfisher River Guides. Don't waste your time looking for glorious self written reviews about us, our pro staff status conquests, Master Maine Guide boyscout patches(gag) or any grip and grimace images. We have referrals if you need them. Wade the water not the B.S. that permeates this business.

 Having that kind of commitment to our clients isn't easy nor cheap. Most endeavours worth pursuing aren't either. Cheers to a new season. Enjoy and appreciate it.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

First Report.

The first report based drivel. Short on info. Long on experience. It's cold. Colder than average. As in "You've got to be kidding today's high is 28 with a 25mph wind". With that info here is what we are doing.

NYMPHING. The money game. Changing it up every half hour. Depth, speed, location and patterns. The slow boring water that bores most to death until the slow take occurs. Fluorocarbon all the way. Pattern choice depending on light conditions and water clarity. Pink, purple, dirty yellow and green working. Throwing a smelty type pattern as the lead fly is a solid choice also. Not a Carrie Stevens featherwing type of pattern. Something from the skunk works (it's been a long winter).

Accessories help make the sessions a bit easier. Thermos with chili, coffee or mocha. Tail gate espressos, sandwiches with hot mustard and even hotter pickles, handwarmers, puffy coats, numerous gloves, Expedition Weight Capeline, Windstopper pile jackets and a very warm hat with ear flaps. Oh yeah some FireBall for emergency situations (any situation really). Pack accordingly.

There are fish to be caught. To sum it up quickly;  The conditions are as good as you are. The nymphing game extends your season tenfold. It's going to a long wait until the first rising snout appears. Learn it or start to really enjoy yardwork.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The Best Of Last Season.

Yeah, it's been awhile. Daytime highs less than twenty do not make us think about fishing. That is changing after a few fly fishing shows, thirty degree sunny days, red kick wax, Little Black Stoneflies and the appearance of mud. As this season approaches gear is replaced, inventoried and inspected. Going through last seasons gear there were a few standouts.

The Orvis Superfine Glass 7'9" 4wt. From small brookies to 18" rainbows to 16" Landlocks we put this rod through the test for six months. Great dry fly rod but also fished medium nymph rigs.

Not a gimmick. The Patagonia Tenkara 10'6" rod will make you rethink this whole gear dependent sport. Fun and effective.

Another Patagonia highlight is the Nano Puff Vest. Living in it since October. Lightweight, packable, compresses to citrus size. Add to your sleep system for added warmth, belay layer, pillow, sling padding and impromptu dog bed.

Goathead studs got our nod after the first batch we used were not performing to our standard. Goathead took the high road and sent us another style and they are much better for the angler. 1/2" for the wader and 3/8" for the trail runner.

Cold cocktails are something we take seriously. The Yeti 20oz. Tumbler fills our Margarita, Bloody or G&T requirements very well. Well tested. Trust us.

Size 22's, 5x and reading a topo map all suck if you can't see. Using CliC glasses solves the cheater glasses problem. Convenient and high quality.

Beer of the year. Simple. Tumbledown Brewing. Worth the trip for sure. Support your or our local brewer!

There are other items that deserve mention also. GoPro, GU products, GSI espresso maker, MSR Pocket Rocket, Insta Set Indicators, Subaru Outbacks, Yakima Rocket boxes, FlyVine lanyards and Gerber tools.

All the above have at least 45 days of use. The absolute minimum for a real world test. Good gear costs more. Buy once and get out there this season.