Wednesday, October 22, 2014

A Few Things

Guide a few seasons and you notice a few things. Guide for fifteen or more and you know a few things. You know when it's going to happen on a drift or strip. You know by the way an indicator twitches so subtle. You know when the wet swings through the sweet spot where the take will happen. Observe a seasons worth of casts, mends, drifts and sets, then you'll really see what's going on to make it happen.

These three things are key components in the bent rod crew:

The Cast. Accurate, quiet and limited. Streamer, nymph rig, dry or wet it makes no difference. Deliver the groceries like a sniper. You ever see a sniper fire eight rounds all over God's country to a target? Why throw nine false casts to yours?

Observation and Stealth. Read the water, rise, speed, structure and depth. Rely on experience or the WAG (Wild Ass Guess) system. Know when to move fast and cover ground. Just as important to know when to slow way down and focus on the subtle rise forms very few ever see.

Dialed In. Not just to the rhythm of the river. The wind. The light. The shadows. Gear should become an extension not a crutch. Great gear does what it is designed for and disappears while in use. Simple systems without the clutter and B.S. Techno geeks suck the soul out of any endeavour. Efficient line control and management is an underrated skill. These are the traits of the 'First cast/Best' cast crew.

More to come as the season winds down. Get on it.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

October Nymphing.

Nymphing is red hot right now in many of the places we hang out in. Don't nymph? Don't read any further. Nothing to gain here, move along. If the subsurface game is of interest continue.

Long and short leash styles working well. Right angle always works. Always. Slider rig most days. Xmas tree rigged pre hatch. Take the time to rig before you get on the water to save time.

Pattern selection includes the following; CDC Prince, Copper Johns, P.T.s, Caddis Rockworm, Micro Worm, Disco Midge, SFS(some funky shit) nymphs we tied up, Dr Dre Stone and micro soft hackles.

1", 3/4", 1/2" 1/4" Thingamabobbers, Balck and white poly yarn and tube indicators all have their place. Find out why buy mixing it up. Bare naked also. Greased leader technique. Who the hell remembers that one!?!

Non toxic split shot combined with tungsten putty to help dial it in.

Our favorite line for nymphing is the Rio Nymph line. The best for the black art.

Two rules for nymphing.
Rule 1: Match the depth where the fish are holding.
Rule 2: Match the speed and drift of the food they feed on.

Match those two and you will see results.

Moving your position a couple of steps can make a huge difference also. Don't get locked in. Catch a few, move on and improve. Set on every movement of the indicator quickly. How quick? Bruce Freaking Lee quick!

Grab a date for a nymph clinic trip soon if you want in on some solid fishing. Space is limited at this point so get on it. SET!!

Sunday, October 5, 2014


I sit here tonight with a large whiskey contemplating this season. Our favorite time. Rest comes later. Along with some yoga, purging and some new paths for us for this winter along with next season. For now it's currently pretty stellar . Happy clients, fish and guides.
The Dry Game: Long leaders to 5X. Hot flies for the last week are Adams Parachute 18-22, Purple Haze 14, X Caddis 16-18 in tan, black, Power Ant 16, Orange Stimmy 12, Cricket 12 and a couple of mouse patterns thrown in to break the day up (more to follow on the rodent style).
Nymphing: RED HOT. Multiple style rigs in use. Hare's Ears 14-18, Pheasant Tails 16-22, Copper Johns 16-18. Tube Steaks 18, Disco Midge 18, Orange Czech patterns 10-12. Almost any pattern drifted at the right depth and speed. Not getting it done? CHANGE SOMETHING!!! Depth, speed or location. Don't pound water to death, catch a few and move on. Learn a few things on the way.

Wets: Double rigs, large singles. Light sink tips and 3X, spey styles on better this season than seasons past. Partridge and whatever 12-18. Softies behind the dry during the hatch for a code breaker.

Streamers: YES. Figure out color, style, retrieve and depth early for better results. Again pounding water with the same pattern and style endlessly without a result produces endless failure. I don't care if the water you are fishing is steeped in Carey Stevens history or not. Nostalgia for nostalgia's sake? Really? Yeah I'm a heretic. I don't wear a Maine guide patch either. Get the gas can and the stake ready. Evolve or die.
Streamer fishing for us is constantly evolving and intriguing. Much to short in the fall season to get stuck in habits and ruts.

A few dates left for this month if you are so inclined to get one more in before the slam.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Inner Babble.

The month that runs out way to soon.

Snake bites, Slate Drakes, Cohibas, 2X Flouro, BWOs, swamp maples, Spruce grouse, double streamer rigs, Yellow Sallies, cool mornings, small native brookies, smaller streams, foam attractors in size 10, chiles, duck and geese flights daily, bank sippers, cricket patterns, Psuedos suck, October Caddis appearing, Outbound lines, Geary's Autumn ale, Softshell jackets and pants, beanies in the a.m., puffy in the kit, MOUSE PATTERNS @#$%^&* ROCK, Size 18 Adams = Money, new studs, headlamp love, cover scouts, pre dawn mental health pre trip trips, Stanley thermos, Muck boots, Knob Creek, Orange Cat lunches, dark roast, Autumn Splendor buggers, Montreal Whores, articulated Butt Monkeys, Lawson's No Hackle, 4 weights, frozen anchor ropes, "fish the future", landlock jumps, kypes, power breakfasts, broken wading staffs, star filled skies, outlets, new lines and stinky labs.

More later.

Saturday, September 6, 2014


Here is the deal from the first week of September. A most difficult month for consistency. Could be cool, blazing hot, rainy or a possibility of a hard frost. Playing the hand we are dealt with daily. Walking away from the table either breaking even, winning or owing the house.

Large to medium sized rivers and streams are slowly coming around. Flows are floatable and just barely wadeable for most. Drift boats, spey rods and solid wading skills up front. Nymph rigs with a micro selection getting it done most days. Sixteen as the heavy, eighteens as the money. Five X works for us. Streamer bite slowish. Mock charges. Kind of like the loud mouth bully who eventually gets his ass kicked. That ass kicking is coming. Soon. The dry fly game is short and slow. Again micro with the start of the Slate Drake showing up. Large dry patterns getting the look and not much else. Flows are on average poor and inaccurate. Keep that in mind on your trips this fall.

This is probably getting old but here it is; SMALL STREAMS ARE ROCKING RIGHT NOW. Dry all day everyday. Brookies, Landlocks, Rainbows and a few Brownies thrown in depending on our chosen water. One to three waters per day on average. Three and four weights along with the Tenkara to break it up. Ausable Wulffs and Bombers, X Caddis, XXL Griffith's Gnats and terrestrial patterns round out the dry line up. Soft hackles for the down stream presentation when we can't get the dry delivered.

Grab a day or two for this fall before they are gone. Everyday that is open we are filling with friends, family and a few select bird dogs.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

The Start.

Right now things are starting to change. The leaves, fish, water temps, libation choices, layering option and fly selections. Small waters are the most consistent right now. The larger waters we guide upon are improving a little bit everyday. Flows are reasonable for now and will probably drop after this weekend we a predicting. Then again the management team that dictates such responsibilities sucks. So there's that.

Indications of change include:

Brook trout and landlocks starting to change color and shape.

Smallish streamers working well. Very well.

Mornings are extended due to conditions.

Deer are a bit darker.

Shitty pumpkin spice autumnal micro brews starting to litter the local coolers.

Welcome Hunters signs.

Losing light fast.

Slate Drake nymphs appearing.

Way too many garden veggies.

Logging road dust index at Very High.

Labor Day. The people who brought you the weekend. Have a safe one. We are looking at a very busy couple of months. Not just with guiding but photography projects and private back country trips. Please be patient with blog posts. They will continue show up at an unscheduled time. Like a hatch.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014


It's summer. Reports are late and will continue that way until the list gets whittled down. Thin blue lines for the last two weeks have taken up most of our time. Dry patterns, willing trout (a few salmon also) and unmolested cool water all add up to a great summer trip. No need for predawn starts or the late evening waiting for the hatch routine. Nice to break up the season.

Patterns of note; Chubby Chernobyl in purple, red, golden and black, Foam Ant, Lawson's Beetle (size 12), X Caddis, Adams Parachute, Big Secret Cricket, Royal Stimmy and The Patriot. Pretty simple selection and heavy on the terrestrial type. Float high on every drift. Take the time to prep those offerings and change them out when they no longer ride well.

Three, four weights or Tenkara and a very light kit help one to cover more ground with less weight. Add either the wet wading system or waist highs and you're off. Tailgate refreshments in the Yeti for the breakdown. If you've done the trip right you will have a cliff jump into a deep pool to round out the day. It is summer after all. Enjoy it and take full advantage of this season.

By the way the majority of Maine's small streams close at the end of September. Make time now.