Friday, February 12, 2016

Not Ready.

It happens every season. First cast, best cast scenario. That hopper pattern got the grab from a rather large trout under a grassy bank (go figure).  Being ready for the fish of the day or season takes concentration. Hard to do with birds, fauna, water, guide drivel and your fishing buddy yapping throughout the day. Plenty of things vying for your attention. The larger fish know this. They see your thoughts. They know your weaknesses (cold beer in the cooler, bikini hatch and lunch grumblings). What's an angler to do. Focus. Don't worry you'll loose that focus eventually due to all the good things previously listed. That's when Mr. Holy Shit comes a knocking.

Be ready. Answer that door.

Friday, February 5, 2016

Go Figure.

Last season we changed things up a bit with the wet fly game. Size wise that is. The majority of sizes we use (12-18) carry the wet workload. There are times when bigger is better. High and clearing water conditions being our number one time to use the bigger wet. Sizes 6-10 seem just fine for those times. Add a sinking line system that allows you to mend (control) and you're on the way to a very relaxed session. Letting it soak at the end of the swing is a pretty good idea also.

Stone fly events are another opportunity for the larger wet. Golden and Salmon stones aren't small adults. Not very good swimmers either. We've seen enough drowned stones in eddies for that light to come on.

The favorite for us is the prespawn swing season. When the fish are aggressive a properly swung large wet can be just the ticket. More subtle than a huge streamer. The take that gets you through the winter. You know the one.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

2016 Season.

The blog is back. After a long hiatus we are back to work. Burnout is around at the end of every season if you're not careful. The most unbalanced people we've ever met are the ones who totally immerse themselves into something and never return (exceptionally dull to hang with also). Glad to have more arrows in the quiver than most.

The 2016 season is booking up. We are planning a few new trips along with more personal extended explorations. Spey clinics already on the books. A few nymph trips also. We will continue to do a weekly report as honestly as we see fit. If conditions suck we will tell you how much of the suck is present. Keeping it real in the 207.

Look for more of a consistent weekly blog post. Some in the works now and ready for a final edit. Some available in the dark corners of winter sleep and to be released if retained. Hopefully you will find some of this drivel useful at some point. Hey, it's free and has a zero carbon footprint!

Raising a pint glass full of Tumbledown Dog Star stout to the 2016 season!

Thursday, October 8, 2015


If you're wondering about the lack of report posts. It's due to a thing called OCTOBER!

Talk Soon.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Better, Not Great

Better conditions as far as water temps go. Dropping daily. Still not there but it will improve. Here is the skinny on what's happening now. Having the ability to change tactics, rigs and locations is crucial now. We are doing it all with the same amount of success. More interesting than throwing a Grey Ghost all day long in the same pool with the same outcome.

Dry Game: Caddis early a.m., attractor patterns, small spinners, Slate Drakes and the underused midge. 5X and FlyAgra getting it done. Mice occasionally.

Wet Game: Orange and Partridge, Skunk Works stuff, Red and Starling. Slow retrieve.

Nymph Game: Smallish bright doesn't imitate anything in the underwater world we ply our craft in patterns seem the go to. Czech stuff, P.T.s, Brassies and the occasional stone.

Streamer Game. Intermediate lines, smaller patterns in autumn color styles, bright bait fish getting the smack . Poor to o.k. Not quite there yet. Low light for best results.

Change it up often for now. Keep changing until YOU see a change.

Thursday, September 17, 2015


Our second week of self imposed closure and cancellations. Water temps are unseasonably high. Not our ideal September. One trip this week clinched it. Few fish rising, none chasing and weak nymphing. Next weeks forecast looks promising with more seasonal conditions.

This is a bloodsport cut and dry. Don't delude yourself by thinking releasing a fish that they will live to fight another day every time. Especially when other factors come into play, ie; temps, overly long fighting sessions, pre spawn fish and poor handling. We've seen enough dead fish laying on the river bottom to bring that fact home. Start by skipping the dreaded 'Grip and Grimace' shot and you'll go a very long way in preserving fish. How would you feel after fighting for your life and someone held you underwater? Pretty simple analogy.

It's up to you to decide ethics. One of my climbing mentors said it best.

"There are ethics and there is style. Ethics are so you don't screw it up for the next guy, and style is so you don't delude yourself into thinking you're so great".

Friday, September 4, 2015


Enjoy the holiday. From the people who brought you the weekend.

The JUNK season approaches.