Thursday, April 17, 2014

High Water.

60,000 CFS. That is your report for this week.

Instead of bitching about current conditions we are going pro active. Though we will never reach the high standard of Hank P. We do whatever we can to fight for what's right for the environment, fish, wildlife and the future generations. Dredge mining, illegal cuts along stream shore lines, littering and all the other B.S. that needs to be fought on a daily basis.

Drop by here to send a message to a Brookfield Power Sucks. Grassroots activists/pissed off locals have been the hallmark of every fight worth fighting for in this country. Proud to be a card carrying member. Fight back.

When the drop happens, grab the down and dirty patterns, fill up on B shot and get on it.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Pretty Good, Not Bad. Considering.

Cold, a bit dirty, more ice in the current after a rain event and a shrinking snow pack daily. The run off has begun for real. Like sap. More during the day less at night. Air temps at a very enjoyable fifty plus! Two layers. Layering systems already dialed in for the month. Beers stashed in the ever present snow bank for derigging.

Nymphing is, was and will be the money technique till next month. Learn it, know it, do it. Don't like nymphing? You are going to miss at least a month and a half of solid fishing. Just saying. Learn to love the bobber. Making changes every 30 minutes if no love appears. Flies, shot, presentation/mends, indicator and position. Midge out after cold nights with a warming day. Zebra Midge in black, brown and red getting it done.

The streamer game is as expected. Slow with either the light picky eater nip or the shark attack grab. Large to small, bright to dark, light to heavy, articulated to floating. Type 3 sink tips to floating lines. Slow steady swings combined with slow retrieves seem to be the only consistent thing in the streamer world this week.

Apply a good deal of humility and intelligence going out right now. Play heads up ball. Not comfortable wading in cold water? Wait until it feels right to YOU. One person's novice ski run is a double black diamond for someone else. It's a long season, enjoy it.

Friday, April 4, 2014


It's here. The season. Feels like a normal opening week from years past. As in cold air, water and scenery. Ice lining the banks just past two or more feet of snow. Put ins buried, take outs buried deeper. The April of old.

Full on layering techniques. Maybe we ski and ice climb all winter just to prepare for April? The puffy with hood is worth all money you paid for it right now. Two to three layers of capeline, two sock system, gloves/fold over mitts, beanie and Buff, hand warmers, thermos/flask, truck stop breakfasts and spare layers in the rig.

Nymphing: THE technique for now. Grabs are light. Set HARD AND FAST!!!! One more time. Set HARD AND FAST!!! Size 6 to 16 flies in a multitude of shapes and colors. Purple, black, pink and olive/brown mix produced. Fly choice is not as important as depth and speed. Shot put sized split shot very important. Get down there until things change for the better. Change up often.

Fish the slow boring water. The unsexy stuff. The kind of water clients ask "Here"? Yes, that slow on the edge stuff. The kind most folks stand in! Always helpful, those folks. Thanks for coming in today.

Keep a constant eye upstream for ice moving down river. Don't get checked at this time of year. Play it safe and pay attention.

Next week. Better? We know this, when the snow finally breaks loose conditions will be bad. If a fast melt occurs and all that snow/ice releases (we have an average of 100+ inches in the headwaters/areas we fish in) it will be weeks before any water is fishable including ponds due to ice coverage. Take advantage of current conditions now. It's not that cold or have you already forgotten what it was like this winter?

Monday, March 24, 2014

Monthly Highlights. July.

It's in the single digits in the evenings, the snow pack is deep, the water content is somewhat normal and we could get another huge dump at any time. Let's talk about July and ignore the reality beyond the window sash.

This July could rock more than seasons past. It is one of our favorite times of the season. Here's why. Alder flies size 12,  Blue Damsels getting whacked by brown trout, Evening Drake events, wet wading, swinging mice patterns at night, throwing meat in the early a.m., long days, caddis, caddis, caddis, Golden Stones, tail gate sessions, headlamps, sleeping under the stars in the truck bed, small stream forays, sneaky bank sippers, Margarita season, flip flops, rainbows, the evening lightning event and the night game on the radio for the ride home if we decide to call it early.

Sounds pretty damn good right about now doesn't it. When it gets here we ain't waiting around for anyone. We are going to be out and about. With or without you.

You in?

Wednesday, March 12, 2014


That's the snow amount predicted for today through tomorrow. Possibly ending Friday. This might be the same report you read in April. Just trying to prep you for a potentially brutal opening month.

The brutal honest truth. Deal with it. Tuning boards and packing the back country ski kit as we speak.

As Mom always said "You kids get outside"!!!!!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Not Even Close.

Minus twenty one this a.m. Minus something in the morning for most of this winter. Cold, dry and windy. Not a forgiving mix. A full outbreak of shack nasties has broken out. The cure? Buck up and get out there. You can also go to these events this month.

The Western Maine Fly Fishing Expo on March 22nd. Solid show with some really great vendors from Maine and elsewhere. We will be doing a streamer technique program at some point during the show and will also have a booth representing Kingfisher River Guides and Yeti Coolers. Stop in if you attend and pick up some intel or schwag.

The Fly Fishing Film Tour 2014 shows up in our neighborhood this year! The Rack in Carrabassett Valley will be hosting the show on March 8th.  Ski, hike or ice climb during the day. Then grab some dinner/drinks and watch the show. Tickets still available and the skiing isn't half bad either by the way.

The Atlantic Salmon Federation will be holding their annual dinner and auction on March 15th. We will be donating another float trip this season. Bid high and often. Bring good cigars if you win. Call 207 725 2833 for more information.

This winter of our discontent shall end. Sometime around mid May I think.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

To Do List.

Starting the early preparation this week. Inventories of lines, leaders and tippet. Cleaning and lubing reels, repairing client waders and boots, reworking the kitchen kit, menu planning, washing and recoating waders and rainwear, lubricating zippers on packs and kits, replacing laces on boots, loading up nymph supplies for the first month and a half, evaluating the Capeline and Smartwool lineup, studying maps for new thin blue line explores, restocking the hand warmer supply after a cold winter, patching the puffy collection and our least favorite: the fly box reshuffle and culling.

Fly inventory requires the right mental attitude. Great tunes and a solid single malt go a long ways in getting the job done. We usually sing "One box at a time sweet Jesus" while doing the spring reorganizing. There is great reward in finishing the job though.

"Are you done yet"?

"Yep, all I have to do is finish".