Friday, August 28, 2015

Late Summer.

The last of summer is upon us. With that comes the fall prep. Until then we tend to take full advantage of these last few weeks. Berry picking, dodging bears in the blackberry thickets, wearing Carhartts and canvas shirts in said thicket, snorkel sessions in deep pools (try it, you will learn much in the way fish eat nymphs), granite cliff jumps, wet wading, spotting deer in the fields, terrestrial patterns for the grassy bank, cricket patterns for cloudy days, 61 degree small stream temps!!, body surfing the class 2 wave, rope swing antics, swinging mouse patterns in the dark, day hikes up high, the last pair of summer Chacos/Teva/Patagonia/Keene sandals hanging by a thread or completely blown out, SuperFine Glass rocks, 6' 3WT for the tiny water, landlocks in the riffle on the dry, Arnies midday, Macanudos for the evening hatch, at least six different tan lines, thorn removal, horse shoes, awesome sunsets and rises, Caddis, grown up geese, early morning dog runs, fresh veggies, Sapphire, and the mixed grilled meat special.

Oh yeah. And getting ready for the fall season.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Summer Conditions.

Summer in full swing. Conditions tough due to warm water and air temps. Unhappy trout and salmon for the most part. Early a.m. sessions before the heat arrives occasionally if a 24 hour cooling cycle presents itself . Coolest part of the day. One constant in the summer game is the small stream scene. Finding water mid sixties and under can be tough but available for those willing to put in the work for smaller natives and seclusion. There are waters (tribs) full of fish under stress and looking for relief. We stay away of those due to a self imposed ethic. Telling it like it is. Tough to push potential clients away from trips but honesty, integrity and reputation aren't built on bullshit. This heat will end. It always has.

Small stream selection is as follows. Terrestrial patterns!! Ants and beetles all day. Pretty easy except for the presentation. First cast best cast for the most part. 5X due to skinny clear conditions. We prefer fiberglass for these trips. 3 to 4 wts and double tapers. Shorts, river sandals and a cold liquid refreshment in the Yeti for the tailgate breakdown. Simplify your summer trips.

In the meantime September is next and is filling up well. We are planning our days afield with the sweet season approaching. Sixty one days in September and October. Time to play bingo with those numbers on the calendar.

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Small Stream Reminder.

What's wrong with the Brookie above. It's dead. After being played far too long and poorly. This fish was played to death. I should have stepped in but it wasn't a client of mine and I see way too much of this during the season for the conversation to become productive. Remember catch and release starts at the HOOK SET not the release. Today's 2- 5X is strength is amazing. Don't be afraid to push it. Not just now but all season long.

We guided a small stream last week. After walking/bushwhacking for a mile or more we came to a classic canopy covered plunge pool. Looking into it I lost count of how many brookies were stacked in there. I told the client to have a look. He was amazed at the amount of fish in such a small area. Then I set the ethical/this is where I get fired and I don't care standard. "You get two casts and then we leave no matter the outcome". "Huh"? was the response. One I wasn't surprised with. After explaining the fish were stressed and seeking thermal refuge and not there to be the happy fish we were seeking, he got it (THANK YOU). Two casts, one nice brookie and we were out and looking for another small stream with happier fish. We found them and turned a possible easy, unethical day into something more than just catching fish.

Guiding isn't about counting coup. It's about teaching, sharing and much, much more.

Plenty of fun small water out there with happy fish. Not many tracks either.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Summer Season (Yeah I Know It's Late).

The blog driven drivel continues as of today. Summer in full swing. Bright and sunny, flashes from above, torrential rain showers and wind. You know, summer in Maine.

Small streams big fun right now. Rubber leg junk, terrestrials and the purple parachute topping the list. Beetle patterns are our number one summer terrestrial dry. Why? We don't care they eat it. Some questions are better left unanswered. Bring a thermometer. You're looking for 64 and under. And canopy cover.

Big water is hot and cold. Some days/nights/mornings very good to slower than anyone likes. Nymphing 16-20 sized patterns either czech or bobber gets it done. Streamer patterns in the early morning (dawn) we like. No delicate grab in the predawn. Dry fly guys willing to head hunt are getting rewarded. Sniper attitude. Stealthy casts and approaches. FIRST CAST IS YOUR BEST CAST! DO NOT FLOCK SHOOT! Be a player at the casino not the loser.

Backcountry hikes to off the radar waters, higher elevation ponds, outlets, tribs and the occasional spey class round out the rest of the summer for us. Along with some camping trips, personal floats, trips with friends, climbing excursions, some bouldering, an occasional beach trip for the salty fish, backyard BBQs, Wiffle Ball playoffs, hikes, swimming hole jumps and cocktail experiments fill what's left.

Get on summer cause it's going and we ain't waiting.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Stream Of Consciousness Report.

It's mid June. Forming complete well written literate sentences is a struggle. Here is what's going down.

Dries, FlyAgra, 4.5X TroutHunter Tippet, Superfine fiberglass rods, reach cast, heavy anchors, sucky flows, working the edges, tons of bird life, caddis nymphs, Czech bombs, G&Ts on the tailgate, sungloves, racoon face, black flies, Dragon fly nymphing, articulated junk tight to the grass, March Browns, BWOs almost daily, Moxie in the Yeti, Ruebens, humming wading staffs, leak in the left foot, Macanudo Perfectos, clean double tapers, purple parachute size 14, Caesar salads, rock star shuttle drivers, shitty dam owners, green herons, yellow and partridge soft hackles, indicator eating Brook trout, fossil finds, mushroom hunts, smudge fire, two rain coat days, Filson tin cloth, broken laces, Advil, yoga, Red Sox radio, flying ants, river side antipasto, cdc and peacock caddis, Dr. Slick scissor clamps rule, Back Draft dark roast in the a.m. for fog remover, old as dirt faded Patagonia Island Hopper shirts, Nikons, Chorizo on the grill, eagles, Orange Cat scones, spotless lenses, snap C when tight, small stream days, bug dope, Irises, leaky water bottles, Maine micro IPAs, Huck, Prince nymphs and the take. SET!

Monday, June 8, 2015


Inconsistency has been the most consistent condition for the last couple of weeks. Some days it's lights out others you wonder what happened. Who knows. Who cares, we're fishing either way. Having that wait them out till they rise attitude will help. Blind casting over non rising fish lately has been unproductive. Wind has been a issue also. Suck it up and deal with it.

The Dry: Caddis, Stones, Mayflies, Midge, Crane flies and terrestrials. Expect everything everyday or nothing. Spinner patterns from 12-18 have been the most productive for the most part. Midday. Remember dead flies DON'T MOVE. Dead drift the dead stuff. We call it the D3 technique.

The Wet: Soft hackle flies are underrated due to their simplicity as is the technique. Try the wet fly swing with a short sink tip with 3X. We've showed this technique combined with a Tenkara for positive reinforcement. Show it to a kid and turn them into a ShopVac.

The Nymph: Mixing it up constantly. Everything from spark plug sized stones to midge pupa. Depending on the water we are working on the patterns dictate the pattern. Then again we have rows stocked with Hare's Ears and P.T.s for a reason.

The Streamer: Swinging to the Argo strip. Small bait fish patterns along with meth head rubber leg psychedelic tying table junk and yeah those bugger type patterns.

Small streams got a nice boost with last weeks rain which helped tremendously with conditions. Terrestrial box up front with foamy high floating bugs. 3-4 wts. Getting it done on the daily.

With water temps as they are now July could prove to be pretty awesome. Just saying.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015


The short report. Not as short as last weeks. That was due to a phone call we received complaining to us about our lack of locations, patterns, time of day, GPS coordinates, etc. in these reports. Really? To top it off they were looking for intel on where to go and commented that they had no intention what so ever in hiring a guide because we were all way too expensive.

So to further help that person here is a GPS way point for you.

No thanks needed Mr. D.B. Remember this is free and you get what you pay for. Enjoy your day.


Dries: Yep, The glamour hatches are underway. March Browns, Hendrix, BWO's, Midges, caddis and if you time it right Salmon Flies!!!!! Adams Parachutes are kicking ass and taking names right now.

Wets: Yep. Big size 12 soft hackles tied onto 3X.  Hang on to that Tenkara!!

Nymphs: Well yeah. If you are solely focused on the Hendrix hatch, nymph before the emergence. If the fish do not rise with abandon for the adults keep nymphing and change weight and speed. The nymphing can be better than the dry fly action some days.

Streamers: Some days it's awesome. Other days it sucks. That is streamer fishing. Big to subtle. Intermediate tip.

Repacking for another week of some the best spring fishing this season.