Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Indicate It.

While talking with a fellow angler at last nights presentation the topic turned to nymphing and indicators. When asked what we used for indicators, they were taken aback a little when I replied about five. Certain conditions require different types of support or visual enhancement. Here are our favs:
  • Our fly line. Always there and bought and paid for. We nymph a fair amount without an indicator. Try it and commit to a few runs. You might find you're more in tune to your rig than ever before.
  • The Thingamabobber or Sindicator. Bomber piece of flotation. 1" for high water and large nymphs. 3/4" for stable, clear flows and medium to small nymphs. 1/2" skinny water, small size bugs. The 1/2" is perfect in conjunction with the floating nymph gig.
  • Indicator Fly. Size 6-10. Foam body, rubber legs and an massive amount of antron for float ability. Great when the golden stones are just starting.
  • Antron Indicator. Old school. We design/build our own. Black and white. Also known as the Dr.J. Great in heavy pocket water. Soak in Loon Hydrostop for added float. Comb out every so often to get the full Dr.J effect.
  • Rio Kahuna indicators. Perfect for the visually challenged during a midge, trico or Baetis hatch.
  • Red Amnesia material. Use this as the leader butt material. Great for slower water presentations.

Nymphing season is here. With the milder weather and temps of late things could be happening sooner than later. Get started ahead of the game this season and spend a day doing a nymph trip with us. Rigging, flies, casts and indicators all covered. Grab a date for April and come to the dark side.

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