Saturday, February 25, 2012

Spring Cleaning.

It's not spring quite yet but that's no reason for not getting ready for the upcoming season. One concern we have is the potential introduction of invasive species. Didymo, whirling disease, mud snails and a host of other unwanted guests can easily crush your favorite piece of water.

Cleaning your gear can be a simple easy affair if you are committed to doing it. Scrubbing and soaking boots in a disinfecting solution is quite simple. Even easier is throwing them in the freezer (making sure to save room for the Herradura) for twenty four hours or so.

Waders can be cleaned as well. Pay close attention to gravel guards and the neoprene sock area. I don't think your fishing partner is going to mind your waders smelling better one bit. The same goes for when you wet wade also. Those socks, pants and shorts should be cleaned before entering another watershed.

There are numerous sites that contain some solid info on the invasive subject. One go to site is the Clean Angling Coalition. Search this site well and you will gain more information then when you started.

We make it a priority to tell clients to clean their gear before coming on trip with us. If someone has not cleaned their gear we have sterile waders and boots for their use. We are seriously looking at the new Waterworks Gear Shower for our field office (truck).

Do your part in protecting what you are a part of.
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