Friday, February 10, 2012

Fly Folks.

One thing this social networking stuff does well is put one into contact with some pretty talented folks. I've been following a few fly designers for awhile and thought I'd share some links to help you stock your boxes for the upcoming season. Also to raise the karma level higher and help keep these folks in the game.

  • Mike Schmidt's flies hold a special place for us. MEAT! It's what's for dinner. Check in weekly to his blog for some really creative patterns. Way cool stuff here.
  • Michael Decoteau ties one of the nicest featherwings you'll ever lay hands on. What would you expect from a Maine boy? Contact him at
  • Selene Dumaine has more than a few patterns you should investigate. Hex chaser? Fall brookie specialist? Swing for landlocks? Selene has you covered very well.
  • Atlantic salmon in your future? Check out The River's Course for inspiration and some solid tutorials on the nuances of salmon flies. These aren't those full dressed" I'm never going to tie let alone fish that fly patterns". These are what I call blue collar patterns. They simply work.
  • We like funky and unorthodox trout flies. Wiley's Flies has more than a few. Check out Wiley's facebook page for almost daily fly funkiness.

This list should keep you busy for awhile. I hope you don't mind the Neil Young tune/image. There was no way I was posting my tied junk next to these A team members.


  1. Thanks very much for the kind words, Todd! And I used to have that album!! Great reminder of great times!

  2. Gary...You're welcome. One of benchmark works of that era.