Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Let's Do Lunch.

Lunch. One part of the day that deserves attention from both guide and client. Some go all out with elaborate riverside meals, others just barley squeak by. We take a fair amount of pride in balancing the lunch scene. Everything from tailgate style, riverside access sites, high water drift boat reserved seating and the folding table/chair shoreline affair. Take advantage of the break. Rehydrate, put your feet up and chill. Muy Importante.

Over the years we've served a varied menu. Anti pasta plates, grilled veggies and steak, burritos, chili, lobster rolls, hearty soups, pasta with smoked mussels, cheese burgers, steak salad, lemon chicken and mixed grill meats have all been served at one time or another. One constant is quality ingredients and variety. If you book with us for a week you will not eat the same meal twice. Neither will we.

We have always bought local for the majority of our stock and will continue to this year. Also making the commitment to organic/free range meat as much as possible.

This season will see some new additions to the menu. Grilled Buffalo wings? Fish tacos? Maybe spring rolls with wasabi? Who knows what we will bring to the table. I do know this though. I was told some secret guide advise from an "older than dirt" fly fishing guide once that has never been forgotten:
"How do you top off a shitty day of shitty fishing"?
"Serve a shitty lunch."
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  1. I didn't know about the Gourmet lunches! all I get at home is a Tuna sandwich.

  2. Love it. A wonderful break from angling.

  3. Nice, my mouth is watering! Good think its lunchtime, but all I have are hot dogs!

  4. Greg...Gourmet? No. Tuna has fueled more private trips than I can remember.

    Brk Trt...The break can be one of the best parts of the day!

    Gary...Hotdogs!?!I hope you ponied up the extra cost for red snappies.

  5. Oh stop it! You're just making the rest of us hungry :)