Saturday, November 19, 2011

Get Down.

We are full blown nymph addicts now until the end of the season. With that affliction comes an assortment of tools. We have used a wide array of products to help get our flies in the zone over the years. Some have been o.k., others have been a disaster.

Most anglers don't give split shot much thought. Just crimp it on the leader and move on. We tend to be a little more picky when it comes to weight. First rule for us is it must be lead free. No excuses. Ease of use ranks high. Both removal and installation. There is nothing more frustrating than resetting shot that slips on tippet.

We have been using Boss Tin products for over six seasons. Consistency and quality of each individual size is always there. Unlike many other manufacturers, Boss Tin shot is spot on with sizes and colors.

We use the following; 4 Way Round, 6 Way Oval and 4 Way Stonze depending on where we happen to be fishing. All these are easily restocked with Split or One Shot refill containers. This is great when you run out of one size constantly.

One item we always have on hand is Make-a-Weight tungsten putty. You can fine tune that nymph rig amazingly well. Take the time to roll it on the tippet. Placing it above shot works great also. Keep it close to your body when fishing a cold day for ease of use. Wicked stuff.

Nymphing is all about being in the trout's zone. Get the lead out and ramp up on this often overlooked, indispensable piece of gear.

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