Monday, October 31, 2011

Full Day Final.

We finished our last full day trip of the season this weekend. We had a late addition for Sunday that we cancelled due to odds. The trip for Sunday consisted of three clients who had never fly fished before. The weather forecast was calling for 4"-12" of snow along with steady winds for Sunday. Techniques of late have been sink tip systems and nymphing. Adding in higher than average water flows and this trip wasn't looking good.

Outfitting guests with proper gear isn't a problem, we can gear up to ten clients head to toe with solid, functional hard and soft ware. We had hired another guide to work that day with us (we have a two to one ratio policy). We cancelled due to expectations. Not theirs. Ours.

We guide a fair number of beginner clients throughout the season and with that comes a huge responsibility to the future of this sport. I have always believed that a fly fisherman is made out of their first few trips whether guided or not. If that novice has a bad guided experience that's even worse in our eyes. The future of conservation, ethics and etiquette fish with us every season and we don't ever forget that fact. A positive learning experience are our expectations.

Handing a novice a six weight loaded with a 200 grain sink tip and a streamer double rig is ridiculous. Asking them to cast it forty five feet up and across while dealing with snow and steady winds is just wrong. After a frank phone conversation we reached an agreement. We will see these three in 2012 either for a day trip or our two day school program. One thing we have learned after many seasons of guiding, booking and outfitting is that an honest appraisal of a client's wishes is in the best interest of everyone. The one aspect of the guiding business you don't hear enough of.

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  1. Well played, Todd! Those clients may never know what a favor you did them!

  2. Thanks Gary. Do the right thing. It's that simple.