Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Novice Advise.

I've had a few conversations these past weeks with clients inquiring about trips for the 2011 season. Some are purchasing "Gift Trips" for Christmas presents (great idea) for friends, partners or family members. Most are surprised that I suggest a wade trip over a float trip when it comes to novice anglers. While a drift boat trip is great fun, beginners will gain more from wading than a float. Here's why:
  • If you never have cast a fly rod before, your trip turns into a $300+ frustrating casting class with a nice lunch.
  • Having the ability and skill to cast at thirty or more feet greatly increases your success rate.End of story. Don't buy into the B.S. of float trip catch rates being higher than wade trips. It all comes down to angler ability, conditions and attitude.
  • Reading water is paramount while float fishing. Either end of the boat needs fishing eyes.
  • Book a trip that will mimic the skills you will need to fish on your own. Wading is a skill that is just as important as casting.
  • The novice can get some quality, individual attention. This can be tough when floating.
  • Nymphing is easier wading than from a boat for the beginner.
  • They don't have any gear. That's not a problem. We can outfit nearly everyone head to toe for a wade trip.
I've seen more than a few clients have the reality check that there was more to a float trip than they realized. Some with years under their felts. It's all supposed to be fun. Keep it that way.
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