Friday, November 5, 2010

Thank You.

I'm really fortunate to do what I do. Living the dream, great gig, blah, blah, blah. It doesn't happen with just hard work, luck and good karma. It happens with a bunch of good people behind the scenes also. With that I'd like to say thanks to everyone that helped make it happen this year! To all the clients old and new- a big word of thanks for making the 2010 season a good one, I'd still be living in a truck if it wasn't for my wife- I hit the lottery with you, those two kids of ours- who are understanding of the lifestyle and will probably live it if they aren't careful.Thanks go out to Joe and Lorena Albuit and staff of The Evergreen Campground for providing a great shuttle service, the gang at Kingfield's largest coffee factory(Carrabasset Coffee)- for making the black gold that gets us through all seasons-The Orange Cat Cafe for great road lunches, Soup For You for the spring and fall river soup special, Bob Dionne of Aardvark Outfitters - great working with you again this season my friend, Mike and Linda at Fly Fishing Only - you guy's can't retire, Bob Duport of Western Mountains Fly Fishing- this next year is all yours buddy, the folks at The Herbert - you make everyone feel at home, Jimmy Messer- fishing with you is always fun no matter what the outcome, we need more backing, Bill Townsend for the inspiration, to all my reps and gear manufacturers- you make my job so much easier, Boz at Maine River Guides- let's make it happen next spring or fall, Tyler at Wild River Angler- thanks for the referral, Scott at Patagonia in Freeport- thanks for the peek at the 2011 line and good luck with the new Clacka, Sean McCormick with Blue Heron Guide Service- good trips, let's kidnap that dog next season, K2 -cast, mend, step, kudos to all the micro breweries in this state- keep them coming, the gals at the Farmer's Market- buying local and giving the finger to industrial farms, Huck - great job this season boy, the readers of this drivel- I'm amazed at the amount of traffic this blog receives, what next?  looking forward to the 2011 season, to the people who live here and do something daily to protect Maine's natural resources, to anyone I've forgotten, my apologies.
One final thank you to the waters and land for teaching me humility, patience and respect.
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