Thursday, September 16, 2010

Ready, Set, Go.

Bring out the Capilene, find the softshell and grab the kit. Temps have dropped this week and the fishing has picked up considerably. Below is a quick run down on what's working for us at the moment. It will change daily from now on.
  • Dry flies: Big searching patterns are working occasionally. If there is a hatch (FEW and WEAK). Get on it quickly.
  • Wet flies did poorly. I'm expecting better results later as things cool.
  • Streamers: Swinging was poor. Rip and strip techniques are working. How fast? Faster than you think. The dead drifted streamer technique is working really well. Big meat flies over feather wings.
  • Nymphing:The indicator rig rules right now. Fluorocarbon in 5X will help. Dark and bright combos. Both get equal attention and grabs.
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